Why Wear an Elastic Belt?

January 09, 2017 David Wilson

How is an elastic belt different?

The main differentiator between elastic belts and ordinary belts is, of course, that the straps are made with stretchy elastic material. There are two main forms of elastic: webbing (knit or woven) and elastic cord (often braided). Elastic fabrics are made from rubber and another material, most often cotton, nylon or polyester. The most common types of elastic belts are braided elastic belts, surcingle belts and elastic webbing belts. The BETTA Belt is made with woven polyester elastic webbing, which is the highest quality elastic available. 

What are the advantages of elastic belts?

The main advantages to wearing an elastic belt include:

  1. The elastic strap stretches, providing “give” that enhances comfort.
  2. Stretchy belts grip the waist better, helping to keep your pants up.
  3. Our elastic is thick but lightweight, so the belt doesn’t weigh pants down.
  4. The belt flexes as you move, thereby eliminating restriction of motion.
  5. Tension can be adjusted to exact fit desired (using the cam buckle).
    There are additional advantages to the BETTA Belt specifically, including the type of elastic we use and the proprietary design of our thermoplastic belt buckle.

    Who could benefit from wearing an elastic belt?

    Stretch belts are very comfortable and highly functional, so truly just about anyone would benefit from wearing one. However, there are many specific use cases, some of which were originally envisioned and others that have been reported by enthusiastic customers.


    • Sports like hiking, fishing, hunting, golfing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing and more.
    • Work situations like truck driving, wearing under hospital scrubs and long hours sitting or standing.
    • Also, the non-metallic buckle is convenient for airports and anywhere with metal detectors.


    • Weight fluctuations - the elastic provides comfort stretch and greater adjustability.
    • GERD - the belt conforms to your waist without being too tight, which can cause acid reflux.
    • Crohn’s disease - lightweight tension puts less pressure on your abdomen.
    • Abdominal surgery - again, the stretch provides greater comfort and less irritation.
    • Metal (Nickel) Allergy - the buckle is made from non-metallic thermoplastic.
    • Impairment - the buckle can be operated with one hand and is easy to use.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by a medical professional and should not be construed as medical advice. These are actual uses that have been described by customers.

    Why wouldn’t you want an elastic belt?

    If you’ve read all the reasons above and still aren’t convinced, then perhaps elastic belts are not your thing. Fortunately, we also offer terrific non-elastic web belts. For the rest of you, take the path to enlightenment and get your BETTA Belt today.

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    • Ken

      Apr 25, 2017

      The reason I wear elastic belts is because they don’t cut into me (comfort) and they grip my body in a way that they keep my pants up. Leather belts are always slipping down.

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