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1.25" Side Release Stretch Belt for Men & Women

Side Release Black Stretch Belt - Flat

Introducing the newest BETTA Belt, which features a low-profile side-release buckle, an adjustable slide and a stretchy one-and-a-quarter inch width elastic strap. This stretch belt was designed to incorporate all the best features and functionality of similar style belts into one superior offering. While this new elastic belt is quite different than the original BETTA belt, its unique qualities will appeal to many.

Features & Benefits:

New low-profile side-release buckle 

  • Only 7mm thick, barely more than a quarter of an inch
  • Practically invisible when lying flat under clothing
  • Fastens securely and releases quickly with two fingers

Totally adjustable metal slide

  • Allows fit and tension to be customized to preference
  • Rounded, so it threads easier and doesn't poke wearer
  • No exposed metal and unlikely to set off metal detectors

1.25" woven polyester elastic strap

  • Narrower strap and components fit through belt loops
  • High quality elastic webbing resists wear and tear
  • Stretchier and thinner since strap overlaps at slide
    The latest BETTA Belt brings some unique features to our classic comfort stretch. Whether you're looking for a flat buckle belt or just want to try something different, choose the path to enlightenment and get the new BETTA Belt today.
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