About Us

BETTA isn't simply a brand, it's a way of life. The founder grew up in Hawaii, where you don't just say something is "better," you say it is "mo' bettah." Now living on the mainland, the expression has been altered slightly, but the spirit remains the same. Our company's purpose is to create BETTA products and help you stretch to be BETTA every day.

The initial spark for a new venture came from the inability to find a casual/athletic belt that looked good, worked well and felt great. All the available options were lacking in one or more of those critical areas. Unimpressed with existing choices, we set out to create a better belt that would offer the ultimate in comfort, functionality and style. After considerable thought, we envisioned a belt made with an elastic strap and durable polymer buckle. This would create a strong, light and flexible belt that could be adjusted to the exact fit.

Finding the right components to produce the original BETTA Belt proved more challenging than we could have imagined. The vast majority of elastic material was either too thin, too stretchy or otherwise inadequate. Most non-metallic buckles weren't designed for belts and posed various drawbacks. After months of research and trial and error, we eventually discovered the right combination and created a prototype that surpassed our exacting criteria.

The first production of this new belt was an instant success. The elastic material was thick, strong and stretchy (but not too much). The thermoplastic buckle slid to adjust the fit precisely and clamped shut with a satisfying click. Not least, the combined product looked cool without begging for attention. The BETTA Belt had arrived.

BETTA now offers belts in both elastic and non-elastic webbing, in different strap widths and multiple colors, as well as various belt accessories and branded apparel. We hope our products exceed your expectations and make life just a little bit BETTA. Mahalo!