BETTA Belt Questions

Q: How wide is the BETTA Belt strap?
A: The BETTA Belt strap is 1.5 inches wide. This is slightly wider than most belts, which typically range from 1-1.25 inches wide. We prefer a wide belt strap, from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. It should fit the belt loops of most men's pants, however, some pants with small belt loops may not accommodate the width of this belt. One thing to note is that, unlike some web belts with side-release buckles, the BETTA Belt does not have plastic parts on both ends. Side-release buckles typically require you to thread the male part through the belt loops, which is a hassle and may not fit. With our belt, it is much easier to thread the diagonally-cut strap end through your belt loops.

Q: How thick is the BETTA Belt strap material?
A: The BETTA Belt strap material is approximately ⅛” thick (3mm). This is thicker than most other web belts and elastic webbing. The thickness of our elastic webbing contributes to its tighter stretch and greater durability. Another benefit of the thickness is that it adds some rigidity to the strap. Thinner, stretchier elastic is so bendable that it makes it harder to thread the strap through your belt loops. There is also a trade off between stretch and support, and we feel that the BETTA Belt offers the best combination of these two attributes.

Q: Can I wash the BETTA Belt?
A: You can wash the BETTA Belt if desired. If you do choose to wash the belt, please snap the buckle closed first. 

Q: How should I care for my BETTA Belt?
A: The BETTA Belt does not require special care, however, you may want to follow a few simple tips to extend the life of your belt.
  1. Roll or hang your belt when not in use to keep the strap flat and smooth. As mentioned above, woven polyester elastic has some stiffness, so if the belt is wadded up and left that way, the strap can get creased.
  2. Please avoid stepping on the BETTA Belt buckle. The buckles are made from rigid thermoplastic that is strong but could break from a heavy impact.
  3. Should the cam lever of your buckle ever come off, first check to see if the hinge pins are still intact. If so, gently press the top panel back in the buckle, and the hinge pins should slip back into place.

Q: What if I have further questions?
A: Please send any questions you may have to info@bettawear.com