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Plastic Belt Clip - Black

Plastic Belt Clip - Black - Side
This black plastic belt clip can be used as a strap keeper that holds the end of the belt strap in place, if you prefer something more than the belt loops built into most pants. This plastic accessory could also be used to clip other things to the BETTA Belt, however, we make no assurances as to the security of any items fastened by the clip. This black plastic clip can be slipped over the end of the strap or the strap can be inserted through the gap in the back of the clip. This plastic belt clip fits quite snugly on the strap, since the elastic webbing material used in our belts is fairly thick. We do not manufacture this black plastic clip--we are simply offering it at a nominal fee as another option for our customers. We hope this clip helps you enjoy your elastic belt mo' betta.
$ 1.49

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