Belts with Plastic Buckles

Looking for a belt with a plastic buckle? We offer plastic buckle belts in two widths, two materials, and multiple colors. All of these belts are strong, lightweight, flexible and outfitted with a durable non-metallic buckle. These thermoplastic buckles do not contain any metal, which makes them great for traveling or any circumstances that involve metal detectors (airports, courthouses, some schools, workplaces, etc.) They are also less likely to scratch things, if you work around automobiles or other vulnerable surfaces. The plastic buckles will not irritate people allergic to nickel.
If you are looking for ultimate comfort, we suggest the elastic belts. If you want superior strength, go for the nylon web belts. Click an item below to see product details and available colors.

1.5" BETTA Belt - Men's Elastic Belt

Regular price $ 30.00 from $ 18.99

1.25" Side Release Stretch Belt for Men & Women

Regular price $ 28.00 Sale price $ 17.99

1.5" Nylon Web Belts for Men

Regular price $ 28.00 Sale price $ 17.99

1.25" Elastic Belt for Men & Women

Regular price $ 29.00 from $ 17.99

1.25" Nylon Web Belt for Men & Women

Regular price $ 27.00 from $ 15.99