Elastic Belts for Men & Women

1.25" Elastic Belt for Men & Women

Narrow Black Elastic Belt - Rolled

This addition to the BETTA Belt lineup features a slightly narrower elastic belt for men and women who prefer less strap width and a smaller buckle. Just like the original, this stretch belt is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, functionality and style. Most stretch belts are made with braided elastic or thin elastic that stretches too much. BETTA Belts are made with flat, thick and durable polyester elastic webbing that stretches enough to maximize comfort without sacrificing support. The thermoplastic buckle won't set off metal detectors, so your new elastic belt doesn't need to be removed at security checkpoints. The cam buckle doesn't use holes, so the fit can be adjusted exactly. This handy elastic belt is the perfect accessory for active or casual wear.

Features & Benefits:

1.25" woven polyester elastic strap

  • The highest-quality, most expensive elastic
  • Dense, strong and durable, yet surprisingly light
  • Comes with a built-in elastic strap keeper

Polyester elastic instead of nylon or cotton

  • Highest break-strength and abrasion resistance
  • Maximum UV protection and water resistance
  • Best elastic material for outdoor activities

Smaller, custom-designed buckle 

  • More compact version of our proprietary, high-strength buckle
  • Fit can be micro-adjusted for comfort, clothing or weight fluctuations
  • Perfect for air travel and elsewhere with metal detectors
The narrower BETTA Belt crams all these benefits into the same intuitive design. Whether you are hiking to a hilltop or hanging out with friends, this elastic belt will outfit you in comfort and style. Choose the path to enlightenment and get your BETTA Belt today.
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